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Inducing Labor

"I had been in early labor for 40 hours with contractions steady, but not progressing in a sustained way when Laura Jean (Dr. C) came. She began with a mixture of massage and energy work and immediately my contractions intensified. After that, she did some acupuncture and within the hour it became clear that my contractions were steadily increasing and not slowing back down again. Several hours later, labor had become active, but yet again slowed to a steady pace which seemed like it would go on forever. Laura Jean came again and did another treatment and immediately my contractions picked up. I began walking and standing, and 5 contractions later the baby slipped out in two pushes! Her active hands on support, full hearted encouragement, and accurate assessment of acupuncture treatment was invaluable to me during the birth of my child. It was a natural intervention that was immediately effective.

Acupuncture was not something I had considered in my birth plan (getting needled while in labor did not seem like something I would want!), but having had the experience, I would recommend it to any woman desiring a natural, holistic birth who is needs some help in moving things along. Laura Jean's skills in massage, energy work, life coaching, and Traditional Chinese Medicine made her contribution to my birth team multi-faceted and holistic. I was very impressed and will be forever grateful. Thanks Dr. C!"


"About one year ago, a referral from Erica, owner of Phoenix Rising, introduced me to Acupuncturist Laura Jean Castelluzzo.

As long as I can remember, I suffered from chronic back pain. My first treatment completely eliminated the pain. My back was still tight and my brain kept wondering why there was no pain. I was more than pleased but it got better. Laura Jean encouraged me to work on other ailments and areas of pain. The pain in my legs and heel no longer exist. The most noticeable change however is my asthma. I have suffered from asthma from childhood; however after acupuncture and the skills of Laura Jean, my asthma is probably 98% better.

The end result is my pain level is now 100% better. I have none! My asthma is so good that I no longer need medication to control it.

I do not wish anyone to be fooled into thinking that acupuncture can cure everything, however it has made my life pain free and overall the best it has been in my memory.

Acupuncture has changed my life for the better and I am constantly encouraging others to try it; and the skills of Laura Jean.