Moxibustion is typically not offered in most of the offices that Laura Jean works out of, however if you would really like a moxibustion treatment, please let Laura Jean know as she does value the benefit of moxa. She can also teach you how to do this at home and supply you with moxa.

Moxa is a TCM healing modality which is a heat therapy that burns the herb mug wart at areas of stagnation. Laura Jean's most common use of moxa is a moxa stick, where the mug wart does not ever touch this skin. Moxibustion is used for a variety of health conditions. Since moxibustion is warm and dry it is used in certain health issues where there are deficiencies of energy such as chronic fatigue syndrome as well as certain types of irritable bowel disorders and diarrhea. Moxibustion is very beneficial in treating arthritic conditions as well as joint pain when the pain is predominantly worse in cold or damp weather. Moxibustion is also used in woman's health disorders such as infertility, ovarian cysts and menstrual cramps. It is also beneficial in improving poor sperm motility and impotence. Moxibustion is also a popular technique used for breech presentations. A moxa stick is normally used and placed about an inch away from a point on the little toe.